Seller - operator of the website MultiHelp.eu, with its registered seat at  Vrbovská 541/67, 059 71 Ľubica.

Customer - is the recipient of a product, obtained from a seller,

Product – service offered on website  MultiHelp.eu

Order – contract of sale, in which is a service realized



An order is a confirmed request by one party to another to buy, sell, deliver, or receive goods or services under specified terms and conditions. 


Cancellation policy

a) The seller has a right to cancel an order withour mention a reason by writing an e-mail within 24 hours after making the order.

b) The seller has a right to cancel an order if there are put some mistaken informations by a client. In this case will the seller contact a client in order to make a deal of the next progress. In case that a client has already paid a certain part of price, that money will be delivered to him back within 3 working days.


Delivery and payment

a) Delivery of an ordered product will be realised as soon as possible, usually within 7 working days. In case of longer delivery time the seller will informate a client about that situation.

b) After making an order the seller has a right to request an advance payment which is usually 50% of the whole price. In case of other orders, the product is sent by mail (COD – cash on delivery) or by the courier. The price needs to be refund on our account 2400379434/8330 Fio banka, a.s. The number of your order write as a variable symbol. After accepting your money your order will be realised.

c) The address where to send a product is defined by a client. As a completed order we consider acceptance by a client. A transport of a product at the address of delivery is refund by a seller. Transport by Slovak post costs 2,80 € (the price depends on weight and measures of delivery) or by a courier for the price of 5 € (the price depends on weight and measures of delivery).


5. Guarantee and reclamations

a) The client has to chcek the product immediately after accepting. The reclamations are possible to make within 24 hours after accepting the product by writing an e-mail.

b) There is an usual reclamation method. The product must be returned to us in its original condition undamaged packaging, along with any accessories .
c) The guarantee does not cover the case when the product is treated non-professional.

d) The seller has to determinate the way of making a reclamation within 7 days after accepting the product, in some complicated cases the period for completing the reclamation is within 30 days, but it can never pass this period. In this case the client has a right to cancel the order and to refund his product.


6. Final provisions
The client claims that before makig an order he was aware of these terms and conditions and that he accepts. The rights of the client in relation to the seller result from the Security law of the client. Conflicts are solved according to the measurements of the Trade and Civil Code.


Privacy policy and protection of personal informations
The owner of the website www.MultiHelp.eu, claims that the personal informations of his clients will be treated according to the Law 428/2002 about the protection of personal informations.


In case you have any questions, write us an e-mail or give us a phone call in the contact section.